Friday, March 25, 2016

The greatest adventure!

The greatest adventure!

Life has thrown me a challenge,
A way to feel alive, complete.
It sent me you to hold my hand,
And massage my tired feet.
On the wave of happiness,
My heart has called you in,
To be adored and satisfied,
And let true love begin.
What has come before us,
Is adventure of pure delight,
My angel of the southern parts,
Can set my eyes so bright.
On the day that we began,
I’ve held the hope of giving,
To find reward beyond the stars,
And know the truth we’re living.

Fearlessly we take the choice,
To build a way to love again,
And leave behind the follies of,
Our burdens that still remain.
On your word I testify,
To be the man you’ll adore,
Be around through thick and thin,
And show you how to enjoy more.
I have felt a strong connection,
That I’ll carry for all time,
Adventuring on both land and sea,
Until victory has become mine.
You have smiled and taken me,
To the edge of space and time,
The adventure is never over,
Until you taste these lips of mine…!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I cannot have

What I cannot have

Too young, too old,

What will it really be?

My desire is yearning you,

But never you to me.

I wish upon heaven,

That you would be drawn near.

My wanting can never be enough,

Your choices so clear.

Fun and happy love,

It’s to crave a poison dart.

Fulfilling only a fantasy desire,

Take my beating heart.

Oh girl, oh life,

Let me fill up from your well.

And live as if, I’d yet died,

I’m going straight to hell.

El Retiro Sun

El Retiro Sun

A quietness I have heard,

And a hope for joy today.

The winter wind has woken me,

As I bask here in the sun.

A maze of leafy passages,

Wound love into my heart.

A warmth upon my nakedness,

Gave hope that you would come.

So many ways of wonder,

I find amongst the trees.

Your soft sweet voice like honey,

Is floating through my soul.

And now the season changes,

The sun will come once more.

I’ll wait my whole life over,

To know your smile again.

Between M and C

Between M and C

Oh, when the love has been,

I felt a powerful new beginning.

And whiled away a joyous hour,

Following you in my dreams.

Between the M, who has saved me,

And the C, who broke the flow.

I know the exalting emotions,

That have let me become free.

So many years have rolled on by,

Since I had believed in you.

And yet you came to me again,

To show how you know me too.

It is my painful bedfellow,

That I cannot be with you.

I wonder do you recall the day,

When our love began to flow????

Aprilian Blossom

Aprilian Blossom

A haze on my mind,

Reminds me of the moment that,

I saw you beneath the blossoms.

Thought the beauty of nature,

All around me sang of spring,

It paled in the image of you.

Creation displays such wonders it’s true,

And with the cherry blooms all around,

All I can smell is divine.

Beneath the breeze carrying pollen,

I note a breath of your skin,

Reaching my discerning tastebuds.

In the freshness of days anew,

My one hope burst forth intensely,

Reacting to a need in me.

For an all time love, to find me, to find me !

Heart On Fire

Heart On Fire

What little it has taken,

For all my hopes to rise,

My willing, open, caring heart,

Has led me unto you.

You somehow stole a place,

I’d reserved for my loneliness,

And moved in, taking ground,

Before I knew how come.

I resent not, your offer open,

A life in peaceful days with you,

Because it is my desire,

To know this life with you.

And for my aching heart,

That once had longed for you,

I’ll find myself in wonderland,

And this fire I’ll ne’r quell.

Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow

A red rose, ruby and sweet,

Combine to display your love.

This yellow rose you laid,

Is confirmation of that love.

Red passionate lips are kissing,

The mouth of my desire.

And the yellow ribbands tied.

Remind me always your forgiveness.

Beating soundly my red heart,

Is filled with your light.

And the yellow vapour falls,

Revealing your true beauty.

Red is not holding back,

My love to be known.

Because yellow draws me in,

To give to you, unconditionally.