Friday, June 19, 2009


Those eyes so furtive,
Tell tales of love,
And of a time,
That rejoicing will be.

So she knows about me,
That I desire her kiss,
If she ever would let,
Her heart feel my love.

Angel, oh so fine,
A woman so pure,
If ever there was,
So much desire to give.

So why do I doubt,
That we should be in love,
If that is,
the grace of angels.

And if together we'd be,
A force for true love,
And a hope for,
Everlasting companionship.


Caught me by surprise,
As I saw this love,
Within her eyes.

A hope of revival,
Of all that is pure,
Gave me yet a hope,
Of a lover secure.

My heart felt alive,
As this power arose,
And in so short a time,
I pray that she knows.

But could we yet be,
All that I desire,
My breath feels her close,
And my heart is a fire.


In the evening,
Of my life,
I see a grace,
That I never knew.

Death looming now,
I feel obliged,
To reflect on how,
I really missed the point.

But the hour,
Though very near,
I am not filled,
At all with fear.

For love became,
A saving grace,
Sharing time with me,
Breathing hope to come.

Joni mitchell. Madrid 09

7+1 = 2

The french are so arrogant,
I hear some people say,
But today I saw love,
Oh so light and so gay.

In the park of the Cluny,
I saw friends sharing life.
In their kindness they showed,
A world free of strife.

A picnic between colleagues,
And a play in the park,
The way they displayed joy,
So far from the dark.

Still laughing and playful,
They acted a scene,
From days not so long since,
Sublime and serene.

But two of the group,
Now united in affair,
And all of their laughter,
Showed a passion still rare.

Paris 09

Monday, June 15, 2009


A warm summer evening,
A pleasant breeze in the air.
My palet is enticed now,
By a delicious savoir faire.

The food is magnifique,
And the mood set to good.
The wine cools my tastebuds,
And it feels like it should.

Soft music enchants me,
To float in the clouds,
Watching friends sharing laughter,
As I gaze over crowds.

I miss my sweet love,
As I bask in the glow,
Of this patio culture,
Oh life, let her know.


Without your tenderness,
A hole is left.
My heart is beating,
Yet I feel bereft.

To breathe your smile,
I fill my soul.
Without this closeness,
Can I still be whole ?

In days to come,
I'd wish to be,
Certain of this love,
That has set me free.

You really became,
Like an Angel true,
Blessing my dreams,
A rare feeling, new.



I was so full of pride,
That I could not see,
That a beautiful Angel,
Was accompanying me.

In her eyes was a fire,
To help me to see,
All that, which important,
Would help me be free.

And about her an aura,
Of perfection and grace,
My heart stirred a beat,
With a smile of her face.

But with kindness a tone,
That she gave tenderly,
She humbled me further,
How I so want to be.

So my Angel you are,
now beloved and true,
with my heart open wide,
I declare, I love you.

CgiD x x


I had a vision yesterday,
Of how pure love could be.
It stole into my soul,
As it worked gracefully.

Those eyes sparkled so brightly,
So impossible not to see,
Just how much of her love,
That she kept, for me.

Her whole face was alive,
With such passion for life.
What a wonderful person,
For she offered no strife.

I could feel of her light,
It would save this poor soul.
As she proffered unto me,
Real love was her goal.

Her sweet potion now softens,
My heart it does melt.
And into her loving embrace,
My entire body if felt.

This wonder so devine,
My whole life she does light.
And the way to go on,
Blesses me in her sight.

So I pray not to cease,
This priviledge I may keep.
For the rest of my life,
That her love I shall reap.

Guilhem x


Like an apparition,
She floated into my life.
And her voice was so sweet,
Oh that she'd be my wife.

She brought smiles,
And great laughter to my face.
With her beauty and charm,
She just lit up this place.

Her learned tongue,
Seemed to echo my desire,
In this empty existence,
My whole body, she set fire.

So Spanish senorita,
You have caught my attention.
In your magnificent accent,
Still some things left to mention.

Cristina Dequevedo.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Paris is so beautiful,
But my love is not here.
Sharing this with her,
Would be so wonderful.

Late evening approaches now,
And all the lovers in the world,
Are here on the banks of the Seine,
Sharing wine and the breeze.

I can`t help missing her touch,
As I feel the sun setting now.
Sadly, others happiness and joy,
Leaves me all alone in this city.

For I know, that no other girl,
Can replace her in my heart.
The way that she has taken me to hers,
And yet I shed a tear for her.

My lover is true and I to her,
still apart we have to be now.
Waiting for the way life unfolds,
Then we will know Paris, together.

To "The countess of Armoria"