Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Many are the lives that I have been alone,
And now I hope that, you will be the sunshine,
That fills my days with a glorious light,
Because in my heart, you have taken over.

I never knew you, yet felt that I did,
The way that you looked at me that first day,
Seemed full of mystery, and still I believe,
That like me, you recognised our pure connection.

Right infront of my eyes, you exploded in ways,
Even I cannot yet know, just how lucky I am.
Though my heart lept with a strange memory,
Of time we had spent in each others arms.

Everyone must recognise their one true soul mate,
I guess that we are also aware of that fact.
So is that why you smiled so sweetly,
Because as I did, you remembered me too ?

I can hardly dare to leave you again,
Feeling as I do, so very relaxed and calm.
In paradise, I entered to your loving arms,
And now I remember the joy that you bring.

Love happens often, in a world like ours,
And yet sadly unaware are the sons of men,
To what this love can do when shared,
But you and I love, we know its real worth.

Letting it flow through, we realise its great power,
We become manifestations, of the peace of its light.
I realise now, its purpose, and with you, I would be,
Throwing love on the wind, to the ends of the Earth.

Earth needs us now, to be warriors to peace,
Calming the hatred and building with love.
So together we offer, a force for the good,
In your eyes dear lover, this message is understood.


Friday, April 23, 2010


It is often said tentatively,
Once bitten, twice shy.
I should know, ruefully,
All about being bitten,
But I don't feel fear,
To keep giving it a try

What I am looking for,
Seems to elude me still,
Having ventured and loved,
It seems experience abounds,
Though to persist yet again,
Is really testing my will.

I witness the beauty,
Of body and your mind,
They envigorate all my senses,
Enliven my manly focus,
Give me hope for a future,
Together an adventure, we'd find.

Its not made more easy,
By the way that you dress,
I find constant the struggle,
To avoid stirring passions,
Decieving my deeper emotions,
Leaving me clearing the mess.

An emotional rollercoaster,
Is what it will be,
When we give ourselves over,
To faling in love,
As sense goes out the window,
Letting our desire run free.

And still, it's my goal,
To win at the game,
Relax in its flowing,
And go where it leads me,
Share love with a stranger,
And live in the fame.

Of course there is danger,
In listening to your heart,
So let intuition guide us,
Live life to the full,
Much worse is the danger,
Not even to start !!!!!

"Carpe diem"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've been expecting you,
For such a long enduring age.
Coming in glory, fire in your eyes,
And a regalia of unending peace.

I gather up quickly my hopes,
With joy and a real passion.
For us to stride unitedly ahead,
And ne'r return to whence we came.

I hold your soft and gentle hand,
We fit together sweetly, romantically.
And I am lost once more,
In dreams of challenges ahead.

Is it me alone who senses,
Or do you also remember ?
A coming together, in past lives,
Recounting the many happy gifts.

Because it is Detinys' way,
I relax in your loyal love.
No fear to fall, knowing you'll be,
Still around to catch or carry me.

Then we leave until the day,
At the appointed hour to wait.
In Derby we will reminisce,
Of two lives lived, those still to come.

And simply, I feel honoured,
To have been a tiny part of yours,
As you have been a huge,
Huge part of mine !

( 1/6/2014 )

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Angel eyes

Sharp and piercing,
Yet soft, gentle,
Your eyes reveal,
A spirit so rare.

Even at rest,
Your face serene,
Those eyes call me,
As if in a dream.

Do they remember,
Soul of the world,
Smiling so sweetly,
What message they carry ?


Why did I never notice,
How shapely you were?
How lateral your thinking,
So comfortable your way?

A strong and endearing friend,
One who cared for me.
Who's being was bright,
Who's nature was polite.

Even as I slept,
You held me so tight,
Giving me reasuring hugs.
And a smile.
Yes, that glorious smile.

For the Love of a Gypsy Girl

Cast over me now, and forever your spell,
Curse me if able, you are with your magic.
Before you showed me, I dreamt of your eyes,
Always knowing you'd come, as you now tantalize.
With longing I waited, an age for your way,
And here now, you tempt me, by night and by day.
To give up my heart, and follow your dance,
You sway in the rhythm, I am lost in a trance.
And will it now blossom, a true love devine?
I care only, always, that you would be mine.
To live in the light, and love of your eyes,
I am leaving me open, do you yet realise?
For once I was lost, and here I am found,
As we share in the dance, my heart beating its' sound.
Of loving you honestly, throughout my whole life,
And showing how gentle, you'd feel as my lover.
I beg you'd not stop, the power that you give,
And sustain me forever, Gypsy girl with me live.

Pushkara the Gypsy girl. x

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Nowhere, could you be,
Where I'll not feel you smile.
As miles separate us now,
No lesser do I glow.
You are to me,
And e'r will be,
A constant source of joy,
For when a day is not a day
That day you'll be with me.
Fear not, my Love has left me cold,
I swear an oath to you,
A time wil come,
When sun has shone,
And mountains moved,
That returns us one to one.
And pray I will your face still smiles,
As always it has been,
We'll be as one just as before,
Our love will set us free.
So fly my Love and be at peace,
An angel so devine,
Remember still how deep my Love,
You are my Valentine.

x x