Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I cannot have

What I cannot have

Too young, too old,

What will it really be?

My desire is yearning you,

But never you to me.

I wish upon heaven,

That you would be drawn near.

My wanting can never be enough,

Your choices so clear.

Fun and happy love,

It’s to crave a poison dart.

Fulfilling only a fantasy desire,

Take my beating heart.

Oh girl, oh life,

Let me fill up from your well.

And live as if, I’d yet died,

I’m going straight to hell.

El Retiro Sun

El Retiro Sun

A quietness I have heard,

And a hope for joy today.

The winter wind has woken me,

As I bask here in the sun.

A maze of leafy passages,

Wound love into my heart.

A warmth upon my nakedness,

Gave hope that you would come.

So many ways of wonder,

I find amongst the trees.

Your soft sweet voice like honey,

Is floating through my soul.

And now the season changes,

The sun will come once more.

I’ll wait my whole life over,

To know your smile again.

Between M and C

Between M and C

Oh, when the love has been,

I felt a powerful new beginning.

And whiled away a joyous hour,

Following you in my dreams.

Between the M, who has saved me,

And the C, who broke the flow.

I know the exalting emotions,

That have let me become free.

So many years have rolled on by,

Since I had believed in you.

And yet you came to me again,

To show how you know me too.

It is my painful bedfellow,

That I cannot be with you.

I wonder do you recall the day,

When our love began to flow????

Aprilian Blossom

Aprilian Blossom

A haze on my mind,

Reminds me of the moment that,

I saw you beneath the blossoms.

Thought the beauty of nature,

All around me sang of spring,

It paled in the image of you.

Creation displays such wonders it’s true,

And with the cherry blooms all around,

All I can smell is divine.

Beneath the breeze carrying pollen,

I note a breath of your skin,

Reaching my discerning tastebuds.

In the freshness of days anew,

My one hope burst forth intensely,

Reacting to a need in me.

For an all time love, to find me, to find me !

Heart On Fire

Heart On Fire

What little it has taken,

For all my hopes to rise,

My willing, open, caring heart,

Has led me unto you.

You somehow stole a place,

I’d reserved for my loneliness,

And moved in, taking ground,

Before I knew how come.

I resent not, your offer open,

A life in peaceful days with you,

Because it is my desire,

To know this life with you.

And for my aching heart,

That once had longed for you,

I’ll find myself in wonderland,

And this fire I’ll ne’r quell.

Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow

A red rose, ruby and sweet,

Combine to display your love.

This yellow rose you laid,

Is confirmation of that love.

Red passionate lips are kissing,

The mouth of my desire.

And the yellow ribbands tied.

Remind me always your forgiveness.

Beating soundly my red heart,

Is filled with your light.

And the yellow vapour falls,

Revealing your true beauty.

Red is not holding back,

My love to be known.

Because yellow draws me in,

To give to you, unconditionally.

A time in a life

A time in a life

Golden sand has been sifted, and beneath it lay a rare pearl.

A hot Brazilian jewel of worth, to me has given my head in a whorl.

When days had been counted, I prepared for a life on my own.

Yet now with this new venture, it has shown I shall not be alone.

An adventure to conquer you, is all that is now on my mind.

My desire to show you such passion, is something sweet,

That together we’ll find.

A marvel of natures creation, in you my heart beats oh so strong.

What potion of sweet tempting affliction, has made me know,

That with you I belong.

An age of quiet forbearance, has left me so ready to live.

Become everything I know is important, and my dedication to you,

Do I give.

Never before have I doubted, one day I would give up the fight.

And live life as if there were no end, and rest always,

Before your great light.

And here in this contemplation, of all before me being reached.

I take on the meditation of ages, open myself up again to be breached.

Today is as eternity wishes, that we love the world that we own.

And share what this Earth has to offer, reap the blessings,

of seeds that are sown.

Going over the top

Going over the top

It may be my own downfall,

But showing my feelings is how,

I resolve the affliction of love,

The love that flows for you.

Could a volcano contain forever,

Its explosive power, hot lava?

Without the danger of tragedy,

Building beneath the Earths core.

For me it is fair release,

To continue showing my heart,

And hoping always and forever,

You’ll believe in all I give.

But maybe I am too much,

Your pallet may need to adjust,

I pray that you can be patient,

And allow your faith to grow.

This could be it!

This could be it!

One, two, three deep breaths.

I wait for air to revive.

What has happened to my mind?

It reels with dreams of you.

Could you be all I hoped for,

And will I be your man?

Without a doubt my heartbeat grew,

When all I knew was you.

A folly to be without restraint,

But I can’t help myself.

Your way of love and interest,

Is making me act the fool.

But darling I would give my all,

To know how love could be.

A lady of your precious worth,

Is moving me to want to know.

A life of love and happiness,

Is ours if we but ask.

So be no more that you are now,

And you’ll be my all time dream.

Holding Hands in Sunshine

Holding Hands in Sunshine

We were together always in spirit,

Holding hands and strolling along.

Taking in the sights of London,

Making love as the sun shone bright.

Every passing stranger remarked,

How love was in your eyes.

As we would wander aimlessly,

Because we knew the tranquillity of lovers.

The miles rolled by lazily,

We became intoxicated by freedom.

Here no days came to oppress us,

The life in our hands was good.

And then you whispered joy,

Those immortal words of happiness.

Had you measured or love,

By the power within my hands?

Its about time.

Its about time.

A sunny day has wandered by, and upon the skyline you I spy.

The pace my life has taken on, is measured by my fears now gone.

For once I dared to be a king, and heaven showed me a pretty thing.

You were divine in every way, my pulse has quickened I have to say.

And I should want a taste of you, the nearer our meeting, my passions grew.

My head now filled a favourite song, to be with you like I belong.

This will be for me a victory grand, walking by your side, being hand in hand.

For we have waited so very long, to learn to sing with this united song.

And for the days to share together, I pray our love, will last forever.

Something Clicked

Something Clicked

Surprise, even though I was waiting,

Caught me unawares, a joy.

Your voice was gentle, so calm,

No hurry to be heard at all.

My pulse quickened all in a flash,

Yes I felt the Earth moving,

And the scenery fell in a crash.

One minute we were strangers,

Now, forever we are friends.

You took me on valiantly,

And conquered me in a moment.

Oh joy, oh life of happiness,

Forgive me the luxury of love,

As my heart beats somewhat faster.

This was our favourite spot

This was our favourite spot

This lonely sea breeze, kept my soul alive darling.

I’d sat and whispered your name, no-one else heard.

Away in the distance the views we had once shared,

The turgid waters swollen and thrashing, building pressure.

In those days when we smiled, and told our own stories,

Your eyes were filled with a pure love for me, I remember.

Our children never knew, this was our secret place,

When only you and I, escaped the caring of them.

It was a great adventure we would both live often,

But travelled not far from home and our comfort zone.

You were my best friend, my wife, my only lover,

And I’d miss you constantly in the hours we were apart.

Then I would wait until these glorious moments would come,

Where we would know peace and lasting friendship.

Then you had gone, without saying a last goodbye,

I understand you had no choice, you’d lost a voice.

The music died with you, a ceasure of exquisite melody,

And yet I always heard your spirit coming to me here.

These twenty one years long I’d coped, though it was no joy.

Today was the last time the wind caught in my lonely eyes.

The very last view of the scene we had so loved Mary.

Wait, I’m coming home dear, reunited in peace and with you.

Brumbleys’ Ghost

Brumbleys’ Ghost

I’m wondering of the smile I see,

Could it be you, returned to me?

I’d loved you e’en before the bell,

Had rang and broke my daydream spell.

Throughout these years of nothingness,

Engraved on mind that yellow dress.

Your body tall and flowing grace,

An everlasting smile upon your face.

I’d viewed from afar, desire grew,

I wonder still, what if you knew.

Those boyish yearnings holding fast,

Until this present breath still last.

I wonder had the years been kind,

And if true love, you’d ever find.

For I sure wish I’d let you know,

Develop love and let it grow.

Your memory has become a ghost,

That haunts me in the daylight most.

I’d been too shy to give a clue,

But did my puppydog eyes tell you?

You were far beyond, my daydreams too,

As I watched other boys all flock to you.

But you were regal, a Princess fair,

With moondust sprinkled in your hair.

And here you sit across the room,

My memories flood me, as I swoon.

What can I do to recover ground?

I open mouth, but make no sound.

Immobilised in fear, the moments pass,

I cannot move a muscle, frozen fast.

But clearly now, you’ve seen me look,

And I am dangling on this tender hook.

Please, angel tell me of my fate,

The world stops now, as I have wait.

Then you turn, head for the coast,

And I am left with Brumbleys’ ghost.

Smiling Girl

Smiling Girl

Wide eyed and totally scrummy,

I know what that smile is meant to mean.

Across the plumes of silver droplets,

A thought has turned into a dream.

A rest from daytime worries,

You came here to feel free.

And to study all of natures grace,

As you sit beneath a leafy tree.

The sunlight has begun to warm,

A heart that fills with hopefulness.

Today could be the very day,

The loneliness you feel become addressed.

And as the cascading fountain,

Draw your mind into the heart,

My pulse begins to race again,

From the smile that you impart.

Searching for Miranda

Searching for Miranda

Who knows which way the wind will blow,

Or on the very day when true love you’ll know.

For I had wondered all my lonely life,

Just if or when you, would help me to end this strife.

I have searched the globe to know your smile,

Turned over every tiny stone, and searched through every mile.

But patience can only wait for so long,

Before the desire to be together, becomes all too strong.

I wonder do you know how long my wait,

And the number of days I prayed for my soul mate?

In my dreams, the ether oh so clear,

You fulfil my every hope the moment that you appear.

And together we sail away into the sun,

See all the wonders of the world, and through fields we run.

It’s as if time had set, become insane,

And our energies were wild, nothing helped our passions tame.

For in the flow of brilliant white light,

There existed no evil, only the truth was our right.

But now, as I watch the clock of love,

The heavens surely move with all the power above.

To grant this wish of mine, a love supreme,

To end this nightmare and bring closure to my dream.

Miranda darling, please listen, hear my call,

Come closer my lovely, for in love we must fall.

To set straight the mechanics of passions place,

And return for all time, the contented smile upon my face.


Your Hands So Soft

Your Hands So Soft

Against my cool skin,

Pale moonlight filters upon,

All the desires I hold,

That come from your touch.

Like China’s finest silk,

Your caress leaves me high,

And on fire in my belly,

When your hands brush against.

What beautiful magic works,

From behind your clear eyes,

When the love of gentleness,

Is transmuted through your hands.

My brow sheds a bead,

As the sensation becomes enough,

Your moving down my body,

Those soft hands are heaven sent.



I am not greedy, just one girl will do.
A happy smiling nature and calm temperament too.
One that seeks to be, both forgiving and kind,
I'm starting to believe is near impossible to find.

But I am assured now, that she really exists,
As I sense in my soul, I have to persist.
That I can receive the gift from the world,
Sharing love with a partner, that one special girl.

She need not be tall, or gifted with grace,
As long as she carries, a smile on her face.
Or an Amazonian body, and legs to her chin,
Just as long as she lets, love shine from within.

I don't need Blonde hair, or curves to die for,
But to see her inner beauty, and feel that allure.
Her skin needn't be spotless, or tanned to a bronze,
Though of course, in my eyes, her beauty belongs.

I know that her race, or wealth is for nought,
But a girl educated, by life’s school, being taught.
Manicured and adorned are not high on the list,
But with passionate lips, I so long to be kissed.

And what will I give, to be blessed by her touch,
Or to travel the world, should, I ask so much ?
I'd give thanks everyday, to the soul of the world,
Share my love to the utmost, as our lives they unfurled..

And to be her best friend, a support to her needs,
Let her feel my passion, open my heart 'til it bleeds.
With a loving embrace, I'd chase off the bad,
Create an aura of laughter, so she'd never be sad.

Together we'd be filled, positive energy we'd be making,
In the dance of loves honour, forever partaking.
And stay 'til the last, together giving our world,
Peace, Love, and happiness yes, that is my girl.

Lay Lady Lay

Lay Lady Lay

Lay lady lay upon my divan.

In the closeness is our secret,

The dream a world would know.

Say lady say what comforts you.

For our being together has power,

And power can show you glory.

Be lady be, all you have to.

Desire for you has made love,

Grow in the world we know.

Kiss lady kiss, lips waiting for you.

Passionate intentions holding me now,

To share my life with only you.

Lay lady lay holding me close.

Throughout the nights I know warmth,

Coming from a heart beating true.

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

As I look upon this view,

A world away from you.

The planet seems to say,

Reach out to her, she may.

There’s sadness in your eyes,

You’ve heard one too many lies.

It saddens me to think of it,

You suffer like a nerves been hit.

From deep within your soul,

I feel enlightenment is now your goal.

To leave the fears of old,

And find a love like precious gold.

So look deep into my eyes,

My spirit soars above the skies.

And take a hold of loves embrace,

I’ll return the smile upon your face.