Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For the Love of a Gypsy Girl

Cast over me now, and forever your spell,
Curse me if able, you are with your magic.
Before you showed me, I dreamt of your eyes,
Always knowing you'd come, as you now tantalize.
With longing I waited, an age for your way,
And here now, you tempt me, by night and by day.
To give up my heart, and follow your dance,
You sway in the rhythm, I am lost in a trance.
And will it now blossom, a true love devine?
I care only, always, that you would be mine.
To live in the light, and love of your eyes,
I am leaving me open, do you yet realise?
For once I was lost, and here I am found,
As we share in the dance, my heart beating its' sound.
Of loving you honestly, throughout my whole life,
And showing how gentle, you'd feel as my lover.
I beg you'd not stop, the power that you give,
And sustain me forever, Gypsy girl with me live.

Pushkara the Gypsy girl. x

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