Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've been expecting you,
For such a long enduring age.
Coming in glory, fire in your eyes,
And a regalia of unending peace.

I gather up quickly my hopes,
With joy and a real passion.
For us to stride unitedly ahead,
And ne'r return to whence we came.

I hold your soft and gentle hand,
We fit together sweetly, romantically.
And I am lost once more,
In dreams of challenges ahead.

Is it me alone who senses,
Or do you also remember ?
A coming together, in past lives,
Recounting the many happy gifts.

Because it is Detinys' way,
I relax in your loyal love.
No fear to fall, knowing you'll be,
Still around to catch or carry me.

Then we leave until the day,
At the appointed hour to wait.
In Derby we will reminisce,
Of two lives lived, those still to come.

And simply, I feel honoured,
To have been a tiny part of yours,
As you have been a huge,
Huge part of mine !

( 1/6/2014 )

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