Friday, April 23, 2010


It is often said tentatively,
Once bitten, twice shy.
I should know, ruefully,
All about being bitten,
But I don't feel fear,
To keep giving it a try

What I am looking for,
Seems to elude me still,
Having ventured and loved,
It seems experience abounds,
Though to persist yet again,
Is really testing my will.

I witness the beauty,
Of body and your mind,
They envigorate all my senses,
Enliven my manly focus,
Give me hope for a future,
Together an adventure, we'd find.

Its not made more easy,
By the way that you dress,
I find constant the struggle,
To avoid stirring passions,
Decieving my deeper emotions,
Leaving me clearing the mess.

An emotional rollercoaster,
Is what it will be,
When we give ourselves over,
To faling in love,
As sense goes out the window,
Letting our desire run free.

And still, it's my goal,
To win at the game,
Relax in its flowing,
And go where it leads me,
Share love with a stranger,
And live in the fame.

Of course there is danger,
In listening to your heart,
So let intuition guide us,
Live life to the full,
Much worse is the danger,
Not even to start !!!!!

"Carpe diem"

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