Tuesday, August 16, 2011



I am not greedy, just one girl will do.
A happy smiling nature and calm temperament too.
One that seeks to be, both forgiving and kind,
I'm starting to believe is near impossible to find.

But I am assured now, that she really exists,
As I sense in my soul, I have to persist.
That I can receive the gift from the world,
Sharing love with a partner, that one special girl.

She need not be tall, or gifted with grace,
As long as she carries, a smile on her face.
Or an Amazonian body, and legs to her chin,
Just as long as she lets, love shine from within.

I don't need Blonde hair, or curves to die for,
But to see her inner beauty, and feel that allure.
Her skin needn't be spotless, or tanned to a bronze,
Though of course, in my eyes, her beauty belongs.

I know that her race, or wealth is for nought,
But a girl educated, by life’s school, being taught.
Manicured and adorned are not high on the list,
But with passionate lips, I so long to be kissed.

And what will I give, to be blessed by her touch,
Or to travel the world, should, I ask so much ?
I'd give thanks everyday, to the soul of the world,
Share my love to the utmost, as our lives they unfurled..

And to be her best friend, a support to her needs,
Let her feel my passion, open my heart 'til it bleeds.
With a loving embrace, I'd chase off the bad,
Create an aura of laughter, so she'd never be sad.

Together we'd be filled, positive energy we'd be making,
In the dance of loves honour, forever partaking.
And stay 'til the last, together giving our world,
Peace, Love, and happiness yes, that is my girl.

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