Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A time in a life

A time in a life

Golden sand has been sifted, and beneath it lay a rare pearl.

A hot Brazilian jewel of worth, to me has given my head in a whorl.

When days had been counted, I prepared for a life on my own.

Yet now with this new venture, it has shown I shall not be alone.

An adventure to conquer you, is all that is now on my mind.

My desire to show you such passion, is something sweet,

That together we’ll find.

A marvel of natures creation, in you my heart beats oh so strong.

What potion of sweet tempting affliction, has made me know,

That with you I belong.

An age of quiet forbearance, has left me so ready to live.

Become everything I know is important, and my dedication to you,

Do I give.

Never before have I doubted, one day I would give up the fight.

And live life as if there were no end, and rest always,

Before your great light.

And here in this contemplation, of all before me being reached.

I take on the meditation of ages, open myself up again to be breached.

Today is as eternity wishes, that we love the world that we own.

And share what this Earth has to offer, reap the blessings,

of seeds that are sown.

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