Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This was our favourite spot

This was our favourite spot

This lonely sea breeze, kept my soul alive darling.

I’d sat and whispered your name, no-one else heard.

Away in the distance the views we had once shared,

The turgid waters swollen and thrashing, building pressure.

In those days when we smiled, and told our own stories,

Your eyes were filled with a pure love for me, I remember.

Our children never knew, this was our secret place,

When only you and I, escaped the caring of them.

It was a great adventure we would both live often,

But travelled not far from home and our comfort zone.

You were my best friend, my wife, my only lover,

And I’d miss you constantly in the hours we were apart.

Then I would wait until these glorious moments would come,

Where we would know peace and lasting friendship.

Then you had gone, without saying a last goodbye,

I understand you had no choice, you’d lost a voice.

The music died with you, a ceasure of exquisite melody,

And yet I always heard your spirit coming to me here.

These twenty one years long I’d coped, though it was no joy.

Today was the last time the wind caught in my lonely eyes.

The very last view of the scene we had so loved Mary.

Wait, I’m coming home dear, reunited in peace and with you.

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