Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Searching for Miranda

Searching for Miranda

Who knows which way the wind will blow,

Or on the very day when true love you’ll know.

For I had wondered all my lonely life,

Just if or when you, would help me to end this strife.

I have searched the globe to know your smile,

Turned over every tiny stone, and searched through every mile.

But patience can only wait for so long,

Before the desire to be together, becomes all too strong.

I wonder do you know how long my wait,

And the number of days I prayed for my soul mate?

In my dreams, the ether oh so clear,

You fulfil my every hope the moment that you appear.

And together we sail away into the sun,

See all the wonders of the world, and through fields we run.

It’s as if time had set, become insane,

And our energies were wild, nothing helped our passions tame.

For in the flow of brilliant white light,

There existed no evil, only the truth was our right.

But now, as I watch the clock of love,

The heavens surely move with all the power above.

To grant this wish of mine, a love supreme,

To end this nightmare and bring closure to my dream.

Miranda darling, please listen, hear my call,

Come closer my lovely, for in love we must fall.

To set straight the mechanics of passions place,

And return for all time, the contented smile upon my face.


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